Employer Services

Is finding and retaining talent affecting your service performance
and ultimately patient care?
Is your talent base competitive in this ever changing economy
and new Health Reform?
Is there revenue loss due to equipment being down because
of not having the right talent?

Health Tech Talent Management, LLC. is your solution providing the right quality of talent for your specific needs. Backed by 23 years of experience in Talent Acquisition and Placement which focused for the last 19 years in the industry, you have come to the right place! Due to that focus, Health Tech Talent Management, LLC has built a strong relationship base from Hospital Systems, Service Organizations, OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), and the Military. With Specialty Areas in Radiology for Imaging Service Engineers or Managers and in Biomedical for Technology Managers or Technicians, here is the Talent resource you have been looking for!

Health Tech Talent Management, LLC utilizes a customized approach for the individual talent needs of each client. The company´s main service is Talent Acquisition for permanent hire. The portfolio of services also covers Consulting and Training in Managing and Retaining Talent, Workforce/Succession Planning, and Diversity in Hiring!

Health Tech Talent Management, LLC offers different payment fee structures for this service based on position levels and/or difficulty of search. This is a percentage of annual salary that is contingent on the client employer hiring of referred candidate (s).Lower fees may also be offered for multiple talent needs.

Talent Search and Acquisition: Customized main service offering that encompasses the entire recruitment cycle from an in depth position calibration meeting with the client employer, candidate prescreening and references, to ensuring the new hire´s placement and onboarding!

Talent Management and Consulting: Health Tech Talent Management, LLC offers consulting services on assessment of your current state of talent base. This service also covers analysis of your performance needs concerning existing and future vacancies with result solutions!

Talent Retention and Training:  Consulting and training services on building a strong team and work environment. Plus how to protect your investment and retain that talent!

Workforce Planning and Tools: Consulting and training services to provide you with the necessary tools for your future workforce needs. This service covers a “mapping” process to enable planning for future talent needs due to a retiring population, succession, or growth!

Diversity in Hiring: Consulting and training services on what diversity means and the value of a diverse talent base. Plus how to manage a diverse team to include generational differences!

Health Tech Talent Management, LLC offers a payment fee structure for Consulting and Training services that varies on selection need and length of that service.